Junkyard blues: 1988 Toyota Corolla Wagon All-trac

I was searching for a Corolla Wagon All-trac awhile back. I wanted to get the rear storage compartment that is hanging from the ceiling. After an exhaustive search, I wasn't able to find any. Today, that search ended. I was walking through the car section and looking at Previas and seen the typical Hondas. I saw a wagon back end and thought, Camry wagon. I get close to it and peak to the back.
I saw this and immediately got my tools. I've been wanting to check out the rear compartment and see if it could fit in my previa. I then took the piece off and now have this compartment. It is an interesting piece, not much space, but opens to both front and back with a see-saw type action.
It is sad to see this car sitting there, body seeme pretty straight and besides the typical wear n tear, interior wasn't too bad. the back seats release lock for them to go forward wasn't working and I had to unlock the trunk from inside.

While I always liked them, I never really digested them fully.
This Corolla Wagon is unfortunately gonna be crushed. I took these pictures in memory of it.


  All trac controls

I would have loved to take this sticker had it not been oxidized and crumbling.

 Nothing like 80's cars. A time between digital and analog components.

RIP All-trac Wagon.

My youtube video.