04-12 9th generation Mitsubishi Galant, 380 (in Australia) and Grunder (East Asia)

 The 9th gen was the generation that I felt where Mitsubishi started to fall off on design. This was a drastic change from the 8th generation. It was bigger and looked like an Altima/Maxima IMO.

Mitsubishi Motors North America decided to close their R&D firm, which made the US market designs.

In Australia, Mitsubishi closed down their plants there where sigma, magnas and 380 (Their version of the 9th gen) were being manufactured. More about this impact later.

There is a small dedicated group for this car and the ability to tune it. Mostly seen on thegalantcenter, but there have been forums pop up and go down over the years (club9g and g9nation).
 The Motor that was offered was 2.4 4 cylinder and the 3.8 MIVEC and Non MIVEC versions.Also kept the FWD drivetrain.

There were very few aftermarket parts offered for this model.

The other versions of the 9th Generation Galant had different names and different front/rear pieces.

In Australia, the Galant was known as the 380. This car had a better look and owners here wanted to get their OEM parts to replace. The parts gave a sleeker look.
The tail lights are definitely different!! The closing of the Mitsubishi plant means the OEM parts will not be available as it was before. It is cool to see that there is a market for these cars there.
Even with the closing of the plant, Team Mitsubishi Ralliart (TMR) of Australia has build a Mitsubishi 380 and offers the built car! http://www.tmraustralia.com.au/tmr380.php

 Lower front grill
 Nice stance with chrome rims and lip kit.

Nicely tucked Sprintex S3/335 Supercharger Kit.

In East Asia, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong... the Galant body was the same, but it was called the Mitsubishi Grunder. More luxurious looking headlights/tail lights.

 I love this. Lowered with a lip.

Such a great car with so much potential!!!