Cool build - AWD 3rd Gen eclipse - club3g - Blue Bomber and Bostonhatcher

Good job to Blue Bomber and club3g.

I thought this was a very cool build for it being 2007.

A converted AWD 3rd gen eclipse.

I used to surf many forums looking and cars and I have to say this was probably one of those builds that just blows my mind. Really cool and interesting. I'm sure by now it has been done multiple times.

2G rear subframe
2G Control Arms
2G Rear Axles
2G Gas tank
2G Diff Plate
2G Diff Hub
2G E-brakes
Evo 8 Trany
Evo 8 Transfer case
Evo 8 Drive Shaft
Evo 8 Front Axles
Evo 8 Front Knuckles
Evo 8 Rear Diff
Evo 8 Oil pan
Evo 8 Starter
Evo 8 Brakes
Evo 8 FlyWheel, ACT
Evo 8 Clutch, ACT
Evo 8 Clutch Slave

Some tidbits:

modify the front crossmember to accommodate the larger tranny, and modified the steering rack as well...

1) I believe the GSX driveshaft isn't long enough. The 3G (and EVO 8) has a longer wheel base. Also, he used the Evo8 rear differential, so ...why mix & match?
B) 2G control arms are for the rear along with axles & brake assembly. Front is stock.
3) If you're "working on doing this" using the evo tranny on your GT... Stop! Won't bolt to your block, unfortunately.

The Evo trany holds the starter at the bottom by the oil pan and the evo 8 oil pan has a notch for the starter to fit there, so now as far as using the evo turbo I no longer have the starter in the way.

Also I limit the driving till I can find an ACD pump for the transfer case to work properly.

At the moment the acd it just in the open position, and is not the best t-case to use, to get it to work you have to have abs and all the g sensors wired up along with the ACD Controller, I was going to make an attempt at wiring this all up, but way more work than its worth. I have the 5 Speed trany. my parts came from a 95 talon and a 05 evo, but the years don't matter as long as its from a 2g and evo 8. When I can get around to it I will swap out to a LSD T-case.

Also I am getting ready to fabricate a tubular cross member for the awd conversion at my recently opened shop, which will correct for the evo knuckles deference for alignment and better located the sway bar and create easier access to the P/S rack and lines. And of course create a few copies to sell.

As far as the head swap goes I am finding it hard to find an answer on one thing, I know I can use the evo timing belt as long as I use adjustable cam gears, but do you need the adj. cam gears if you use the 94 galant dohc timing belt?

Bostonhatcher's Eclipse


2.3 4G63 Stroker
Eagle H-Beam Rods
Wiseco Pistons
Balance Shaft Delete
Kelford 272 Camshafts
AEM Tru-Time Cam Gears
Buschur/Supertech Dual Valve Springs
Diamante Throttle Body (for cruise control)


FP Black w/ Stainless Housing
4" Intake
AMS Intercooler
2.5" Stainless I/C Piping
Tial 50mm BOV
Stock Evo Exhaust Manifold
Tial 38mm Wastegate
Fathouse Fabrications Downpipe
3" Aluminum V-Band Exhaust
HKS Hi-Power Muffler
4" Intake


2G DSM AWD Fuel Tank/Fuel Sending Unit
Walbro 450lph E-85 Pump on Relay
-8an Stainless Feed
-6an Stainless Return
Perrin Fuel Rail
FIC 2150cc High Impedence Injectors
Fuel Lab Regulator and Filter


Jack's Built Transmission/Transfer Case
Quaife LSD
Quartermaster 8-Leg Street Clutch Kit
Megan Short Shifter
Evo Rear Diff
DSS 3.5" Aluminum Driveshaft


Wilwood 4-Pot Front Calipers/Aluminum Hat Rotors
Brembo Rear Brakes


D2 Coilovers
ST Rear Sway Bar