97-99 Acura CL coupe (YA1)

 Acura CL sported a 2.2 or 2.3 to 3.0 on the emblem. The 2.2/2.3 were sohc F22B1 and with the 4 cylinder, a 5spd was optional.

The 3.0 being a V6 with auto transmission only.

I knew a guy who had one of these in a 2.3 trim. Initially I didn't like these, they have grown on me and I appreciate them when I see one. Knowing it is a coupe and with a 3.0 v6 was kinda interesting.

Some people have swapped over a H22 and 5spd to make them sporty. During the late 90's-2000's, there were parts available for this car.

Since this car was not as big of a hit as the other models, the parts might not be available since the era of companies that would make parts for many cars are not around anymore.

One of the cleanest ways to improve this vehicle was getting blacked out headlights.

On a side note, during the 2000's tuning, a company sold the CL headlights with a bumper and fender combo for the DC integras known as the "Cali Type R".

As usual, the best spot for information and past builds are on Honda-tech.
-Common issue - Driver side window

One of the cleanest examples I have every seen is right below!!!