91-95 2nd generation Acura (Honda) Legend. KA7 (Sedan) and KA8 (coupe)

When we started our crew, Team Reaction, Zol had an Acura Legend sedan. It really made our crew stand out and of course, he was big on the Legend forums and at the street races.
In fact, I felt his identity was tied to the Legend because it was unique.
Here is a picture of us cruising around 2000. I had my white civic hatchback and my buddy Mike had his CB Accord. 
Additionally, another crew member was Rich and he had a coupe version (which he put S15 headlights on, remember this was back in the 2000s). And my other crew member KC also had an Acura legend sedan as well. 

Our club had a total of 3 Acura Legends and when you have crews that are just filled civics and accords (any team in the early 2000's), other cars stand out.

One of the best OEM mods is getting the JDM headlights. They were usually blacked out and had the yellow fog light. Pictures below.

The Legend was powered by the C32A V6 and later the type II made it stronger.

While sedans were automatics, the coupes offered a 6 speed manual transmission option.

I was a huge fan of the legend because of my friend.

There were a few companies that made some parts, but back in the days, many people customized Honda Accord body kits to fit.

The slight difference in the head and tail lights were obvious. Both would flow with the body lines.

A very well executed coupe.

KA8 JDM headlights.

KA7 JDM headlights.

there are a couple legend forums: