89–92 Nissan Stanza and Bluebird (U12)

 This generation of the Nissan Stanza is the one I am familiar with. Here in the USA, The U12 Nissan Stanza came as a FWD sedan. Very few people would build these, but I have met a couple guys who had clean stock Stanzas and they are the ones who gave me more knowledge of the Stanza, most notably that it was the Bluebird in Japan.

This platform was totally ignored and I have not really seen much for them, even in the era where Japanese car parts were being made left and right.

But I have always liked the late 80's/early 90's Nissans as I always thought there was potential in these cars and knowing that Japan and other countries would build these.

While in the USA, there isn't anything really noted about the Stanza, In Japan, it was a rally car.
 I have always thought of the body line similar to that of a Infiniti Q45. I think the part that people do not like about these cars is the turn signal. Very elongated look.

In other countries, the Stanza is known as the Bluebird SSS with Atessa (AWD system). It is a turbocharged with the SR20det I believe.

 In Australia, I believe the name was "Pintara" and they have a wagon/hatchback combo. Interesting.

 Sexy motor!
 I have really seen Bluebird modified, so some of these pictures are here to just archive that it was.

club-u12.com was the source.

 Additionally, Australia again has some what of a small following and modifying of these Nissans.