89-93 2nd Generation Acura Integra (DA/DB)

 There is no way you could pick up this platform and not build it. So many things were available for this car.

2 of my team mates had the 2 door version/ hatch.

What always set these off for me was the JDM 1 piece headlights!

I had a few friends that had the 4 door. I USED to not like the 4 door, but that changed after I saw how practical it was when you have friends that wanted to cruise with you and not be super cramped in a 2 door.

While the DA/DB Integra had many aftermarket parts, it was the clean JDM styling that really sets it off! As I said, the JDM one piece headlights, slammed and just a clean look always gave it a mean stance.